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Effective Strategies
We can add value to a Realtor’s business in a large number of ways whether working with renters, buyers, property owners or major employers. The following examples are options Realtors can use to generate referrals, capture clients or enhance their value or service to their clients.
Working with Renters
  Friends, Family and Circle of Influence
Since over 1/3 of all households are renters, chances are many people within your circle of influence are in need of quality rental assistance.
  New Clients Moving into Town
Clients new to the area often wish to rent before they buy. Perhaps they need to sell their current home first or they would like time to become more familiar with the area before making a home purchase.
  Networking Opportunities
Rental services allows agents to offer a much wider range of services during any prospecting and networking opportunities.
  Corporate and Short Term Housing
No matter how short the stay we have accommodation services to suit their requirements. We work with all the major temporary housing providers to make sure we are offering our clients the best accommodations and pricing.
  Add Rental Services to Marketing Materials
Agents can add rental services to their business cards and other marketing materials to increase the client capture opportunities and stretch their marketing dollars.
  The Home Purchase Credit Program
The Home Purchase Credit Program allows renters to earn money towards the purchase of a home. It also provides education and resources to renters needing to improve their ability to qualify for a home purchase. The Program is designed to target area residents of apartment communities. Participating apartment communities can utilize our attractively packaged program to close more leases by providing an added benefit to those potential residents looking to purchase a home in the future.
  Offer Rental and/or Corporate Housing Services on Your Website
Rent Solutions can help Realtors add rental services to any website...increasing the services offered and client capture opportunities. We provide all necessary software, set-up and tracking solutions.Any Personal Agent sites through Keller Williams can now add rental services to their suite of services. Any lead or referral generated from a Personal Agent site is tracked though our online Admin software with those leads incubated and referred back to the agent for future home sales.
Working with Buyers
  Clients in Transition or Needing Short-Term
Many clients find themselves needing a place to live for 6 months or less. Maybe it’s due to a quick sale of their home or a recent job change.
  Prospects Looking to Build a New Home
Many prospects needing to build a new home need a place to live during the construction phase. We offer flexible lease terms ideal for the home building process.
  Clients not yet Qualified to Purchase
Many prospects may not qualify to buy a home yet...but will eventually. Now agents can capture those prospects and incubate them. We can even provide them with programs designed to help them become qualified.
Working with Property Owners
  Incorporate Rental into Listing Presentations and Materials
Sellers can be introduced to options to help them during any transitional housing needs. Rental services can also provide options for investors interested in purchasing rental property.
  FSBO and Expired Calls
Realtors can work our rental services into their scripts to educate home sellers about the additional options available to them. This becomes particularly useful when the conditions are not favorable for the sale. Together, being able to offer rental options further differentiates the Realtor from other competitors.
  Provide Rent Rates and Market Data
As a Rental Specialist you can provide Realtors with expert consultation on rental rates, market data and rental property features in selected areas.
  Buyer/Investor Introductions
Rental Consultants can readily contribute to meetings that Realtors have with Investors seeking to buy properties as long as they can be rented and provide positive cash flow. Their input can clear many doubts or misconceptions about those types of transactions.
  Private Listing Services
We provide landlords with quality renters for their property. Landlords can receive extensive exposure for their property and only pay for a successfully placed resident. We also offer specialized services, ideal for owners of condos and townhomes.
  Full Service Property Management
We offer comprehensive Property Management Services for condos, townhomes and rental homes. Our Property Management Division will also manage our inventory of Corporate and Short-Term Housing inventory.
  Lease Options and Rent-to-Own Programs
Many of our clients who initially plan to rent also consider buying when they are exposed to available financing and purchase options. We offer several Lease Option and Rent-to-Own Programs which ideally suited for those client not quite ready to buy. These programs are combined with credit repair and counseling options to help participants improve their ability to purchase. Our Lease Option and Rent to Own Programs are also helpful for increasing cash flow on a property or selling a home in a difficult market.
  Guaranteed Tenant Program
Today’s highly competitive real estate market poses a significant challenge for sellers, investors and developers. Now agents can offer prospective buyers more options. Our Guaranteed Tenant Program allows agents to offer buyers and investors the option of buying a property fully occupied with a quality renter. The agent finds the buyer, we provide the renter...generally in 7 to 21 days. By packaging the property with attractive financing options, many of these renters may also opt to buy.
  Working with Builders, Developers or Projects
Add value to Realtor meetings or solutions offered to builders and developers. You can participate in listing presentations and incorporate special programs for projects or developments. We offer professional marketing materials, custom websites, presentations and proposals.
Working with Major Employers
  Corporate Transferees
With over 50% of transferees renters, HR and other contacts within major employers find themselves needing professional rental services to assist their relocating employees.
  Participate in the Preferred Employer Program
Participating Realtors have full access to our systems to capture and service corporate accounts. These accounts are particularly strong sources of revenue that can be managed effectively through our program to generate repeat business and residual income potential through the life of the account.
Working with Lenders and REO’s
  Lender Incubation and Rejects
Lenders can see the value in working with renters at an early stage in their pathway to ownership. This is the time of the golden opportunity to start a relationship that can lead to becoming a client’s lender of choice when ready to buy. We can also service clients from them that were not able to qualify for a loan at this time.
  Working with REOs and Asset Managers
We can also become truly valuable when providing your consulting and specialized services to Bank representatives who are looking for opportunities to sell their inventory of foreclosed properties.
Buyer and Seller Leads
  MSA Program (MYM Supported Agent)
We provide select Realtors with ready-to-act home buyers and sellers. Sources include: Highly trafficked websites, Corporate accounts including national accounts, Movers and employment agencies, Corporate housing providers and relocation companies, Apartment industry and management companies and Search engine placement.
  Get Certified with Us as a Showing Agents
We offer the opportunity for Licensed Sales Agents to benefit from additional revenue streams and simultaneously build their business. Agents are paid a $200 placement fee when they show one of our properties to a renter. We provide the clients, they show the property. This gives us the opportunity to reach out to a larger pool of real estate professionals to show our listings while in turn, the agents get an opportunity to build their met database. The renters are then incubated to facilitate their transition into buyers for that sales agent.
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