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Realtor Referral Center
Thank you for letting us be your preferred Property Management and Tenant Placement Resource. We have created a team of licensed professionals, Rent Solutions, specialized in providing comprehensive state-of-the-art Rental and Property Management services.
Referral Commissions Paid
The following are Referral Fees paid to Realtors for successful Referrals:
  Owner Referral for Property Management: $200 or 25% of our Tenant Placement Commission, whichever is greater
  Owner Referral for Tenant Placement Only: $100 or 10% of our Tenant Placement Commission, whichever is greater
Referral Fees will mailed no later than 25 days after the beginning of the lease to the Broker.
How Can I Send a Referral?
Call or Visit our Rental Specialists
Call or visit one of our Rental Specialists directly and provide the information on the renter or property owner. View our Agent List.
Fill out an Online Request
You can use our online for to send a Property Owner referral.
Personal Agent Page Link
Agents may elect to add rental services to their suite of services offered on their Personal Agent Pages or website.
Referral FAQ
If you would like to know more about our procedures and policies, visit or Realtor FAQ.
Partner with Us to Grow Your Business
We can add value to a Realtor’s business in a large number of ways whether working with renters, buyers, property owners or major employers. Our Realtor Solution Center offers options Realtors can use to generate referrals, capture clients or enhance their value or service to their clients. We offer time-tested strategies that when applied properly will get you ahead of the competition.
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