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Current Market Conditions
The market conditions have recently, in our opinion, created the demand and opportunities for our rental solutions and strategies. Among these are:
  Record numbers of foreclosures increased REOs and have caused many families to become renters.
  Many Banks, including Fannie Mae, are now requiring Real Estate companies to have rental or property management services in order to service their REO listings.
  Housing prices have fallen, leaving many owners upside down in their homes and unable to sell for the prices they need.
  Housing sales have dropped significantly, producing a surplus of homes for sale.
  Mortgages are becoming more difficult to obtain.
  Builders and developers are struggling to sell homes and start new projects.
  The condo market has crashed, leaving many projects and developers in serious financial trouble.
  The economy has created financial hardship and uncertainty, leaving many unable or unwilling to buy.
  Unemployment has risen, with companies resorting to large layoffs and cut-backs.
  Corporate Relocation is down creating strains on Corporate Relocation companies.
  Realtors are challenged to generate sales and earn commissions, with many forced to leave the industry.
  Real Estate Brokerages are challenged to remain profitable, with many failing or experiencing substantial reductions in business and agents.
In short, property owners, buyers, sellers, developers, lenders, Realtors, brokers and employers are all needing to look to creative solutions to solve their problems and improve their business.
Examining the Opportunities

We have created Rent Solutions out of an understanding that the Real Estate industry must evolve in order to thrive under the new market challenges. We have also established that there is a tremendous need for quality professional real estate services in the rental sector.

Our programs offer Real Estate Brokerages and its agents significant market advantages including:

Increasing client acquisition and average client lifespan.
  33% of US households rent. This represents over 34 million new households to target.  (i)
  20%, or about 7 million, will either purchase or build a home at the end of their lease term.  (ii)
  Over 50% of Corporate transferees are now renters, with increases projected over the next several years.  (iii)
  Renters are responsible for 71% of moves, moving approximately once every two years.  (iii)
  During the last 10 years, over 40% of all home purchases are made by first-time home buyers.  (ii)
  Over 75% of first-time home buyers rented an apartment or house prior to purchasing their first home.  (ii)
  The Hispanic/Latino community is the fastest growing demographic group in the country. 54% of Hispanic/Latino households are renters.  (iv)
Increasing agent production and profitability.
  82% of first-time home buyers and 78% of repeat home buyers used the internet to search for homes. The Internet is the fastest- growing customer acquisition media for real estate agents.  (ii)
  77% of all Internet home shoppers buy a home through a real estate Agent or Broker (compared with 68% of traditional buyers)  . (ii)
  Up to 50% of internet leads require 12 to 24 months of incubation before they buy or sell.  (v)
  LeadRouter (v) demonstrated most agents lack the “incubation stamina” to properly incubate internet leads.
  The top producers in real estate typically hire assistants or operate within teams to maximize leverage and revenue opportunities
Capitalizing on opportunities and market shifts within the Apartment and Condo Industry.
  The rental housing industry is one of the largest sectors in the US economy, with revenues of $341 billion.  (vi)
  Over 50% of rental units become vacant each year, requiring the apartment managers and owners to spend more than $13 billion
to market and prepare them for occupancy.  (vi)
  In Tampa, 40% to 60% of condos that were planned for conversion are reverting to rentals.  (vii)
  A majority of condos that were bought by investors during the last year have remained as rental units, given the fact that the current market conditions are not favorable for resale.  (vii)
Creating genuine recruiting and retention advantages for new and experienced agents.
  74% of the people completing a real estate transaction do so with the FIRST agent they speak with.  (ii)
  Over 50% of households already subscribe to the “Do Not Call List”, with that trend continuing to grow.
  Agents get access to accounts and sources of quality clients. We provide support staff for screening and prequalifying prospects within our system.
  Real Estate Brokerages can protect accounts, clients and relationships by establishing Contracts and Agent Agreements containing non-disclosure and non-compete provisions relevant to our Programs.
(i) National Multi Housing Council
(ii) National Association of Realtors, Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers
(iii) Employee Relocation Council
(iv) US Census Bureau
(v) LeadRouter: Lead Management system used by Coldwell Banker and other Reology brands
(vi) National Multihousing Council
(vii) Associated Press
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