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Property Services FAQ

Below are answers to some of the common questions you may have regarding our services:

  Marketing Services
  Tenant Referral
  Tenant Screening
  Rent Payments and Evictions
Marketing Services Back to Top
What is your Service Area?
  Rent Solutions manages properties throughout the Tampa Bay area and currently service Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco Counties.
How do renters find out about you?
  We use various traffic sources, which includes internet marketing, search engine placement, print advertising, direct mail and word of mouth.
How does Rent Solutions Property Services market vacancies?
  With a vast referral network, print, web, lead management and extensive use of other media, we utilize many creative ways to market every property. Learn More
How long does it take to find a tenant?
  We can typically rent most listings in 7 to 21 days depending on the following factors:
The condition of the home/rental
The rental price in relation to surrounding market rents
Showing availability
How is the Rental Rate determined?
  Rent Solutions agent can recommend an appropriate competitive price based on MLS rental statistics and our database of listings within the surrounding geographic area. The final decision for the rent is made by the Owner.
How much security deposit do you charge the tenant?
  We charge a minimum of one month’s rent as a deposit. Some applicants will not qualify on just a one month (equivalent) deposit, and therefore we will require a larger deposit because of the applicant’s past or current information. Ultimately, the Property Owner has final say on what to accept as a Security Deposit.
Should the property be listed on MLS under rentals?
  If the property is not already listed in MLS as a rental, we strongly suggested you allow Rent Solutions to list the property in MLS to achieve the most exposure possible.
Do I need to provide photos of my property?
  Photos can be included in your listing at no additional charge. If the property is currently listed in MLS we can pull the pictures directly from your listing. If the property is not listed on MLS you can provide us with the photos. We recommend a minimum of four and a maximum of ten. These photos can be exterior pictures of the property, floor plans, interior shots, etc.
Can I keep my property for listed sale while the property is listed for rent?
  Yes. Our Listing Contract is a nonexclusive contract. You only pay us if we provide a tenant.
Can I keep my property for listed sale while there is a tenant living there?
  Yes, however, any sale would be subject to the terms of the lease signed with the tenant. Any special provisions or considerations such as, being able to show the property to prospective buyers, will have to be worked out in advance with the tenant. We also recommend any special provisions be put in writing and made a part of the lease.
Can I keep my property for listed sale while the property is listed for rent?
  If the property is on an electronic lockbox, we can use our lockbox code for entry. If the property is on a combination lockbox, you will need to provide us with instructions for showing and gaining access. If the property is not on lockbox, you will need to provide us with 2 copies of keys to the property.
How do I change or update the information on my property listing?
  Contact the Rent Solutions agent that listed the property. They will make the changes and notify the appropriate staff members.
Can Rent Solutions Property Services sell my rental house, condo or apartment?
  Absolutely! Our offices are located within the Keller Williams office in South Tampa, where we have direct access to some of the area’s top Real Estate Sales Specialists. In addition, as a member of the local Board of Realtors, our listings are featured in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) where all the member real estate professionals readily find the information they need for their customers. Thousands of local Realtors have access to our listings and can show our properties, through the use of lock boxes. All showings are scheduled and tracked online, and comprehensive showing reporting is made available to the property owners.
Tenant Referral Back to Top
How much rent can I get for my house/condo/duplex/apartment?
  Rental rates are directly related to competing units in the immediate area.
  We will be glad to assist with this very important question via phone (813) 579-5597 our online Management Inquiry Form.
What is the cost/fee structure?
  The cost will be determined by the service selected by the Owner:
Level 1: We Find the Tenant – 50% of the 1st months rent
Level 2: We Find and Lease the Tenant – 1 full months rent
Level 1: Property Management – Tenant Placement Fee of 1 full months rent plus a 10% monthly Management Fee
Tenant Screening Back to Top
Does an owner have to accept pets?
  Our Property Investment Manager can give you more complete information about what competing properties may or may not allow as well as special terms that we may wish to add to any lease where a pet is involved.
How does Rent Solutions Property Services screen prospective residents?
  For our Level 1 Referral Only service: We provide the tenant with the rental guidelines that are acceptable to you. You do the screening and qualifying and you make the decision.
  For Level 2 and 3 Service: Rent Solutions screens every applicant thoroughly to minimize tenant problems. A comprehensive report is run which includes:
Credit history
National criminal background check
National eviction search and residence history
Employment history and verification
  In addition, we verify income of at least 3 times the rental rate. The entire report is thoroughly reviewed and qualified by the Property Manager.
Rent Payments and Evictions Back to Top
What happens if the tenant pays the rent late?
  We take the payment of rent very serious. A tenant paying the rent late will have immediate and swift action.
  Our leases are specifically written so that the tenant’s rent is due on the 1st so that our owners are consistently paid on time. The problem with a generic lease, internet downloaded lease or the leases used by many property managers, is that they give a 5 to 7 day grace period, then the rent is late, which allows too much time to pass for you to get your money. We expect the tenant’s rent on time. (The grace period is the 30 days before the 1st.)
  If we don’t receive the rent on time, the tenant will be contacted via phone and/or email regarding their rent. If no action is taken by the tenant to pay after our contact, the tenant will receive a 3 day notice.
  As per Florida law, this is the first action a property manager/owner must take prior to evicting. The 3 day notice gives the tenant written notice that rent must be paid in 3 business days or further action will be taken.
What happens if the tenant does not pay their rent?
  Most of the time, the payment is made. Upon the expiring of the 3 day notice, we make one final attempt in contacting the tenant. If no immediate payment is made, we contact the owner and discuss whether to immediately file the eviction paperwork or allow additional time.
What happens if the tenant must be evicted?
  Our track record has been excellent after placing thousands of tenants throughout the years. We pride ourselves in selecting the right tenants.
  Although an eviction is a rare occurrence, we will handle the process for you through our legal resources and prosecute the tenant to the fullest extent of the law and in the quickest manner possible. Placing a quality paying tenant as soon as possible is the main focus.
How long does an eviction typically take in the the Tampa Bay Area?
  Typically an eviction in the Tamp[a Bay Area takes 35-55 days. Several factors could possibly delay the eviction such as: the tenant disputes the eviction or a delay in the court process (i.e. December holiday season, a particular county court’s schedule). All properties/evictions are different, contact us with questions on how we handle evictions and / or if you need us to recommend you to a good local real estate/eviction attorney.
How much does a typical eviction cost?
  From our experience, generally an eviction using one of our attorneys will typically cost between $450 and $750 (assuming the court proceedings are not long and drawn out). Because we give our attorney other real estate related services (i.e. closings, lease preparation, etc.) and have them on a large retainer, we are able to pass along the savings to our owners. If you managed the property yourself and had to evict a tenant, most attorneys will charge you $900 and up.
What if a tenant does extensive damage to my property?
  With a quality tenant and walkthroughs, malicious damage is rarely a problem. In the event a tenant does damage to the property, we get the house back in rent ready condition as quickly as possible and re-leased. Once we are clear about the cost of the damage we assist you with obtaining judgments, filing complaints/collections if appropriate, and collecting on the judgment.
Accounting Back to Top
What are Rent Solutions Property Services Collection Procedures?
  All rents are due on the 1st of the month and are late on the 5th.
  First notices are given on the 5th. Three day notices are posted on the 10th.
  Court cases are initiated against all delinquent residents on the 15th.
  We work directly with a specialized real estate attorney that handles evictions efficiently.
When does an owner get his/her check?
  We disburse funds once each month.
  Owners are mailed checks on the 15th of each month.
  Direct deposit is available to banks in the local area.
  Monthly statements are emailed or mailed to property owners at this time.
Who holds the Security Deposit(s)?
  Florida Statutes require that security deposits be held separately from other funds. Rent Solutions Property Management holds security deposits in a unique escrow bank account.
  Security deposits are disbursed only when a tenant vacates a residence and may only be disbursed to either the tenant or the property owner.
Communication Back to Top
How can I get more information?
  We'll gladly provide a free rental appraisal of your property or more information about our services:
Contact Information
Management Inquiry Form
Maintenance Back to Top
How is maintenance handled?
  We are on call 24/7 to handle emergencies. Non-emergency repairs are assessed and handled in a timely manner.
  We look after each property, handle all maintenance and repairs in the best interest of the owner.
  We take all maintenance problems at heart and will work to correct them as quickly as possible.
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