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Flexible Promotion Options
We offer several options for promoting your Program to your employees or members. Your Account Manager will work with you every step of the way. You can choose ANY or all of these options:
  Dedicated Website for your Program
We will customize your own relocation web site featuring moving resources for your members, including advice articles, move calendars, move reminders and mortgage calculators. You can elect to have a Private Labeled site for your Program. The private label service can be set up with your site within days.
  Banners and Links
We offer you great flexibility in setting up the links on your website.
  Payroll Stuffers
Prints in regular weight paper that fit into employee pay envelopes.
  Rack Cards
Heavy stock prints (postcards) that are placed in racks for employee pick-up in common areas.
  Bulletin Boards
Letter size, light stock prints for placing on bulletin boards throughout the company.
  Table Tent Cards
Heavy stock, folding cards which stand alone and can be placed on tables in specific areas such as the cafeteria or any tables used for displaying printed material.
  Company Newsletters
We can provide relevant content or information on the Program for your Company Newsletters.
  New Employee Orientation
For new employees and customers coming in from out of the area, we can provide a comprehensive Newcomer Package designed to familiarize them with their new city, what they can expect from housing and costs and introduce them to the wide variety of goods and services available to them. This package will include not only practical ""how-to"" information, such as how to get utilities hooked up, but also discounts and special offers from local merchants and service providers. The package contains genuine, generous gifts and offers with no strings attached and is custom designed for you.
  New Hire Lists
Employers may make lists of new hires available to us so that we can work with them towards resolving their housing needs before they start their job. Alternatively, they may opt to inform new hires that our services are available to them.
  Student Lists
Organizations of Higher Learning Education can often provide us with lists of the students that have been accepted to their programs, many of whom will need assistance with finding a solution to their housing needs, so that we can work with them well in advance of their starting date. Students can then dedicate all their focus to performing well within their individual educational programs.
  Direct Referrals
The importance of word of mouth is never to be underestimated. Certainly direct referrals will build up as more and more employees are satisfied with our services.
  Workshops and Seminars
We offer a fantastic array of educational seminars and workshops on an unlimited variety of topics. We can customize the seminars to target a specific need of your employees or members. Specialized workshops and seminars topics could include:
  Investment Investing in Real Estate
  Mortgages Buying a vacation Home
  Credit Education Smart Budgeting Education Planning
  Money Management
Starting a business
  Retirement Planning
Growing a business
  Insurance Planning Buying or selling a business
    Presentations could also be jointly produced by our Partners and targeted for any appropriate audience. In addition, workshops and seminars produced by other partners would be available for all employees or members.
  Recruiting Trips and Job Fairs
We can assign one or more of our experienced agents to assist your recruiters at scheduled job fairs or recruiting trip. The agents will be able to provide the prospective employee with in-depth up to date housing information at your booth. Regardless of their situation, we can assist them with practically all moving related concerns.
  Pre-Arrival Counseling
For new employees coming of the local area, we will prepare personalized Moving Book containing detailed information about apartment communities that meet the prospective employee's criteria. This will be mailed to the new staff member that that he/she can begin familiarizing themselves with the best selections; even before they arrive in town. If time is short, the information can be emailed - in a PDF or HTML format- to the new employee.
  Onsite Agents
We can assign one or more of our experienced agents to assist your recruiters at your facility. The agent will be able to provide the prospective employee or new employee detailed housing information on the spot. They will also be able to assist them with practically all moving related concerns. This could be a seasonal, part-time or a full-time assignment depending on your needs.
  Group Moves
As a part of our relationship with large employers, we are able to set-up and establish group moves. Our team of professionals can be mobilized efficiently to handle multiple transactions throughout the course of a short time frame, while ensuring due process from start-to-finish.
  Corporate and Short-Term Housing
The term ""Corporate Housing"" incorporates several concepts: short-term, fully furnished, utilities included, and, all too often, extremely expensive and labor-intensive to arrange. Thanks to our close ties with apartment communities and contacts with furniture rental companies and utility providers, we are in the perfect position to provide Corporate units at a much lower cost, for one person or hundreds. Best of all, you just tell us what you need, and we'll do the rest.
How Much Does It Cost?
FREE! However, integration requests are subject to approval by your Account Manager.
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